Wasell Gardens

Welcome to Wasell Gardens. Thank you for stopping by. We’re a family owned farm in the Pacific Northwest, where cool breezes off Puget Sound and sunny days in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains make wonderful growing conditions for a variety of fruit trees, flowers and plants. Our favorites to grow being apples, rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries ~ fresh, homemade fruit pies are abundant on the farm spring through autumn as we gather in the harvest. I think our love of orchards, berries and baking come from our upbringing. All of our grandmothers had orchards, or at least some fruit trees in their yards, large raspberry hedges and were proficient at canning, home cooking and just being wonderful women who loved their families. They knew how to love with all their hearts through making a good meal, making sure each one around her table was thoroughly satisfied.
I remember growing up picking apples off my Grandfathers favorite tree, picking raspberries with Grandma, making casseroles to deliver to the elderly folks in our family who were shut in and unable to grow their own gardens, shop at the grocery store or cook for themselves any longer. Other happy memories are of one Grandmothers home baked bread without a recipe and her homemade rhubarb soup. No-one in the family to this day has been able to replicate her bread recipe although many have tried. These dear ladies and gentlemen remain in our hearts with the sweetest of memories handed down to new generations who now grow the fruit and veggies, do the canning, jam making, bread and pie baking, flower growing too.
When we grow our own pumpkins, we mostly use the harvest for pumpkin soup and sauces for pasta and the goats ! Little Iris Faith usually has an orange face during pumpkin harvest ! I’ve never seen a little goat enjoy a whole pumpkin more than Iris does. Of course we make pumpkin pies too but mostly use our pumpkins for savory dishes. There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of spicy pumpkin soup with a dollop of sour cream on a cold rainy evening in October. With some homemade bread. What a meal that makes.
Corn is another goat favorite here on the farm and whatever else they can get into ! You’ll find all of our goat doins over at www.reposeranch.com Feel free to check back here anytime to see what we’re up to for the month. Our web-site will offer tips for gardening throughout the year, even in January and when there’s snow on the ground ! We love the out doors and welcome you to join us in creating adventures in gardening for you and your family. Keeping old traditions and starting new ones, getting outdoors and enjoying nature is what we’re all about.