Recipe: Sauteed Broccoli Raab, Peppers & Tomatoes

sauteed broccoli raab, tomatoes, peppers and sausage

We sauteed our vegetables with some of Uli's Famous Sausage for a super delicious dish...


    This month's recipe is a super healthy, very versatile dish.   You can use this recipe as a side dish, topping or mix in for just about anything savory - as a side dish with chicken, fish, beef or sausage, as topping for a burger or as a mix in with eggs for the makings of an omelet. Use your creativity and your favorite vegetables to come up with a healthy dish your family will love.  In this recipe we used Uli's Famous Sausage - because it is my Dad's favorite - he and Uli are good friends :)  We used Broccoli Raab from our garden and it was delicious. Never having had Broccoli Raab before we were pleasantly surprised at its peppery, lemony, fresh taste. I think its my new favorite vegetable.


2 bell peppers (we used yellow and orange - your choice)

2 heads of broccoli raab (at least - use more if desired)

2 Beefsteak tomatoes

Olive oil (for sauteing)

Meat of your choice (Optional - you can cook this with or without the meat - separately or together.  We used Uli's German Bratwurst for this - but you can choose anything you like.)


    1. Rinse your produce well.  For the broccoli raab, its best to rinse it lightly in a colander and let it sit in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes.  Pat dry with a clean paper towel before chopping and cooking.


Our vegetables are ready for chopping!

    2. Next, its time to chop your veggies.  I diced our peppers and tomatoes - but you may julienne them - slicing them in long, thin strips if you prefer.


Chopping the peppers...


Chopping the tomatoes...

     For the broccoli raab, I used the chiffonade technique that my Mom taught me.  The word chiffonade comes from the French word for 'ribbon' - 'chiffon'.  That's because the chiffonade technique involves chopping fresh herbs and leafy greens into long ribbon like strips.  To chiffonade your broccoli raab, neatly stack the individual leaves on top of each other in one neat bundle.  Then, roll your leafy bundle much like you would a soft taco or wrap.  Lastly, chop your greens as shown in the picture.  Take care to keep your fingers out of reach of the blade of your knife.

broccoli rabb choppingbroccoli raab

Our rolled bundle of Broccoli Raab....                      Chopping the broccoli raab....

    3. Place the tomatoes and peppers in one bowl and your chopped greens separately in another bowl.

veggies in seperate bowls

We're ready to cook!

    4.  In a frying pan on medium heat, drizzle some olive oil.  Add your tomatoes and peppers and cook until soft. 

sauteeing the veggies

Sauteing the peppers and tomatoes....

    5. Now its time to add in your meat, if desired.  If you aren't adding meat at this stage, skip this step and go to step 6.  Our sausage cooked for 10 minutes on each side before we placed it in the bottom of our skillet to brown for about another 5 - 10 minutes.  We covered the pan during the cooking time for the sausage.  If you're using whole chicken breasts or any larger chunks of meat, you may want to slice or precook them before adding them to the vegetable mixture.  This will help your meat cook properly and will decrease cooking time. 

adding the sausage

Adding the sausage....

    6. After your meat has finished cooking, add in your chopped leafy greens - such as broccoli raab.  Let the greens wilt down in the pan for a few minutes before removing the pan from the heat.

finished dish

Wilting down our broccoli raab....

    7.  After the greens are wilted, the dish is ready!  If you're making an omelet, you will want to add the eggs at this stage.  If you're using this dish as a topping or a side dish, its ready to serve.  We served our sausage and sauteed vegetables with kale mashed potatoes and gravy.  As I mentioned, you can use these sauteed veggies as a nice addition to just about any savory dish.  Enjoy!

   By, Jessi Wasell 


    Sincerely, Jessi Wasell