Recipe: Brownie Parfaits

easy brownie parfaits 

    Our super easy brownie parfaits....

   Whether you make the components of this simple recipe from scratch, from a mix or premade at the store - it doesn't get any easier and sweeter than this Brownie Parfait for Easter.

Brownies (Either store bought, made from a brownie mix per package instructions or from scratch. Our favorite brownie mix is Ghirardelli Triple Fudge, which I used here.)
Pudding (at least two flavors, of your choice. You can use premade, from a Jell-O boxed mix or from scratch. We used Jell-O instant pudding in White Chocolate and Pistachio flavors.)
Whipped cream (I used non-fat Reddy-Whip)
Hersheys Chocolate Eggs with Candy Coating (or your favorite Easter candy)
Use your creativity to come up with toppings and fixings that your family will enjoy the most - you can use cake or cookie chunks instead of brownies, all different types of Easter candy and pudding flavors.
    Make the brownies and the pudding according to package directions, from scratch or buy them premade from the store. Once brownies are ready (cooled if you baked them) and pudding is chilled and set, you're ready to assemble your parfaits. This would be a great time to get the kids in the kitchen, having fun helping put together their desserts. You can also skip the assembly entirely and let your Easter guests assemble their own personal parfait creation by setting out all the fixings and toppings in a place where everyone can enjoy them. Here's how we made ours....
    In small mason jars or small dessert dishes of your choice, spoon the first layer of pudding.

pistachio pudding base layer

    Next, add a layer of chunked up brownie.  

brownie layer one

    Add another a layer of a different flavor of pudding, then more brownie chunks.

pudding layer two

brownie layer two

whipped cream

easter candy garnish

    Now its time to dig in.... YUM! Happy Easter everyone!

finished Brownie parfait