Recipe: Butterfly Cookies

butterfly cookies 


Our strawberry flavored Butterfly Cookies.



Buttercream Frosting




Softened butter....               

sugar and butter

Adding the powdered sugar...


butter/sugar mixed 

The butter, sugar and flavor mixture...






dough ball


The finished dough...





Rolling out the dough....



 cutting out the dough 

butterfly cookies


Cutting out the cookies....


cookies cooling 

Cookies fresh from the oven!






adding the color 

finished frosting


Adding the food coloring...


piping bag

 piping bag prep

Prepping the baggie for frosting...

 piping bag prep 


Filling our 'piping bag'....

    Although my sister has a lot of decorating supplies - pretty tips and piping bags - that I could have used, I wanted to show you how you could decorate cookies with just what you have on hand.  Once you're baggie is filled with frosting, squeeze the air out and seal them, and push the frosting to one corner of the bag.  Twist the top of your 'piping bag' and snip off the pointy end of each baggie/


Squeezing the frosting to one corner of the baggie...

Decorating Your Cookies

spreading the frosting 

(Above) Spreading the base frosting....

  finished butterfly cookie


    By, Jessi Wasell