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Repose Ranch ~ Home of the American Alpine Dairy Goats


    Farming and gardening go hand in hand and our farm is no exception.  If you love the homesteading lifestyle and want to learn more about dairy goats, we invite you to visit our official ranch website.  Here you will find information on Alpine Dairy Goats, cheese making, goat care, recipes, milk handling, devotionals and much more ~ so stop by Repose Ranch: Home of the American Alpine Dairy Goats today !


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Salmonegg: A Fisherman's #1 Choice


    If you're a fisherman and love the great outdoors, you'll most certainly want to check out my Dad's fishing website.  For fishing news, tide tables for the Pacific Coast, information on guided fishing trips and much more ~ be sure to visit ~ A Fisherman's # 1 Choice !

The GiftGrove Gift Shoppe


    GiftGrove is our family's on-line gift shop ~ Thank you for visiting !