Dark-eyed Junco in Rose

Dark-eyed Junco

A pretty little junco perched on a cane of one of our climbing roses....



Sunrise at Wasell Gardens

Stellar's Jay

stellars jay

A Stellar's Jays checking out the area before descending to one of our seed feeders below....

Pink Carnations

pink carnations

Pink carnations blooming in November 2017.

Red Rose in Partial Monochrome

monochrome red rose

A partial monochrome photo of one of our beautiful red roses.

Golden-Crowned Sparrow

golden-crowned sparrow

A common winter visitor in our area is the Golden-Crowned Sparrow.

Addison June Dahlias

addison june dahlia

These dahlias were some of my favorites out of all the varieties we grew during summer 2016.

Poplar Tree in Fall

poplar tree

One of our beautiful poplar trees in the fall...

Annas Hummingbird

annas hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbirds are year round residents in our area. I enjoy their visits especially in the fall and winter!

'French Vanilla' Rose

French Vanilla Rose

We call this our 'French Vanilla' Rose. The beauty of its blooms is only matched by its luscious, floral scent.

Killdeer With Young


Killdeer Mama with babies - one chick is rushing to get under Mama's wings - there's also another baby already underneath!

Flower Garden

flower garden

This is one of our beautiful flower gardens - made up of English Daisies (Bellis), Chinese Forget-me-nots, Four O'Clocks and Seashell Cosmos.

Pileated Woodpecker

pileated woodpecker

A female Pileated came daily to our yard this spring in search of suet....

Seashell Cosmos & Chinese Forget-Me-Nots

Cosmos and Forget-me-nots

Light pink Seashell Cosmos against a backdrop of blue...

Fairy Rose

fairy rose

My Mom's lovely pink Fairy Rose....

Dahlia - Pink Dinnerplate

pink dinnerplate dahlia

A lovely pink Dinnerplate Dahlia in our dahlia garden.

Northern Flicker

northern flicker

Northern Flickers are frequent visitors to our gardens. This one is a cross between a yellow-shafted and red-shafted Northern Flicker.

Blackberry Vines

blackberry vine

Blackberries grow wild here at Wasell Gardens. This photo was taken as the sun was going down and the vines are lit up from behind with its golden rays.

Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

This young Rufous was enjoying a bath in our sprinkler. I grabbed my camera just in time for some photos!

Leaves of the Flowering Plum

flowering plum tree

This flowering plum tree is one of the newest additions to our garden. Its lovely dark leaves were dripping with water from our sprinkler.

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker

A visit from this gorgeous bird is always memorable and photo worthy!

Two-Tone Pink Cosmos


More Cosmos in our flower garden....

Red Rose

red rose

One of our red roses in bloom.

Purple European Beech

beech tree

Our Purple European Beech tree has gorgeous, glossy greenish purple foliage.

Wetland Grasses at Sunset

grasses in the light

Even grasses transform into captivating subjects with the glowing light of a beautiful autumn sunset.

Bald Eagle

bald eagle

A Bald Eagle on a wintery morning in February 2016. This image captures the moment the Eagle was washing his fish in a puddle in our pasture.

Yellow Dinnerplate Dahlia

yellow dinnerplate dahlia

One of our beautiful dahlia blooms - Summer 2016