In the Garden: Planting Spring Bulbs



Tulips pictured on the package for our bulbs - the pink and white is a 'Triumph Tulip Del Piero' and the solid hot pink is a 'Triumph Tulip Involve'.


in progress

Our spring bulb corner bed in progress....


Our tulips will look like this when they come up!

tulip bed

Laying out our Tulip bulbs before planting....

tulip bed with tool

Our bulb planting tool is pictured here next to our bag of tulip bulbs.

tulip planting tool

Here's a view of our tulip bulb planter in use!

tulip bulb

One of our tulip bulbs - pointy side up!


tulp bulb bags

Our tulip bulbs....


Hyacinth pictured on our package of bulbs.

arborvitae with bulbs

Our newly planted arborvitae with tulip bulbs placed in front of it.

hyacinth bulbs

Our hyacinth bulbs ready for planting!

finished flowerbed

Our finished flowerbed....