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     Baking and cooking are one of our favorite activities.  Here in the Wasell Garden's Recipe Box, you'll find some of our family favorites as well as past recipes we've featured on the Just for Kids page.  Whether you're looking for something special for an event or special occasion or just something fun to make with the kids, you'll find it here!


BBQ Chicken Corn Chowder

chicken corn chowder

    This hardy soup is perfect for anytime, but especially on a cold fall day.  We barbeque chicken ahead of time, freeze it and unthaw the proper portion when needed.  For the recipe, click here.

Sauteed Broccoli Raab, Tomatoes and Peppers with Uli's Sausage

sauteed broccoli raab, tomatoes, peppers and sausage

      This month's recipe is a super healthy, very versatile dish.   You can use this recipe as a side dish, topping or mix in for just about anything savory - as a side dish with chicken, fish, beef or sausage, as topping for a burger or as a mix in with eggs for the makings of an omelet. Use your creativity and your favorite vegetables to come up with a healthy dish your family will love.  In this recipe we used Uli's Famous Sausage - because it is my Dad's favorite - he and Uli are good friends :)  We used Broccoli Raab from our garden and it was delicious. Never having had Broccoli Raab before we were pleasantly surprised at its peppery, lemony, fresh taste. I think its my new favorite more.

Turkey Vegetable Cups

turkey veggie cups




apple butter pumpkin


Brownie Parfaits

easy brownie parfaits

     Whether you make the components of this simple recipe from scratch, from a mix or premade at the store - it doesn't get any easier and sweeter than this Brownie Parfait for more.

Butterfly Cookies (a variation of Frosted Butter Cookies)

butterfly cookies

     One of my favorite cookie recipes especially for Christmas and Easter is Frosted Butter Cookies.  But these special cookies can be made for any occasion - and this month I'm sharing a variation of our Frosted Butter Cookie recipe.  We added strawberry flavoring and optional flaked coconut for decoration for a different twist while still keeping with the traditional taste of Frosted Butter Cookies.  Since I made them in butterfly shapes, we're calling them our Butterfly Cookies..... read more.

hand pies

gingerbread birdhouse


Inside Out Brownies

peanut butter brownie

    These brownies remind me of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup... turned inside out!  My Mom had a wonderful idea to make these this month for our special treat.  If you are allergic to peanuts, you can easily substitute soynut butter for the peanut butter, just as we did.  It was a delightful combination! Read more...

Lunchbox Pets

lunchbox pets

     While you may not be able to tuck your furry friend in your pocket for going back-to-school, you can create these sweet reminders of your loving pets to brighten up your lunchtime.  This month we're making Lunchbox Pets - a recipe for peanut butter puppies and chocolate chip kitty cookies.  You can make whatever flavor of cookie dough you like for the puppies and kitties.  If you have peanut allergies, peanut butter can be substituted for almond or soy-nut butter.  You can also use premade cookie dough for this recipe.  If the premade dough comes in a roll, you can just slice the cookies before assembling the faces of the puppies and more.

Mixed Berry Pie

berry pie

     Mixed Berry Pie has been my sister's favorite Thanksgiving pie recipe since we were kids.  Its become a Thanksgiving tradition to have this special pie on the dessert table.  This year, we have the extra blessing of using some of our very own homegrown blackberries and raspberries in our pies.  I preserved the berries in the freezer all summer and fall for just for making berry pies!   Read more....

pecan brownie thumbprints

pecan pie



Pumpkin Gingerbread

pumpkin gingerbread

Pumpkin Pie Bars

pumpkin pie bars

    To me, nothing says autumn like Pumpkin Pie Bars.  This recipe is an old family favorite that my Mom has been making for about 33 years and she taught my sister and I how to make it as well.  My Mom found this recipe in an issue of Women's Day magazine during her and my Dad's first year of marriage.  Pumpkin Pie Bars are a fall staple in our household and we look forward to enjoying them each more.



Spaghetti Squash Bread

spaghetti squash harvest

   Unfortunately, this bread disappeared to fast for a photo so this picture of our spaghetti squash harvest will have to do ;)  My sister made this lovely quick bread as a way to use up some of our enormous harvest of spaghetti squash.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and I think its my new favorite quick bread recipe.  The spaghetti squash created a rich, moist flavor and texture - better than zucchini - for which this recipe was originally intended.  In my opinion, the best way to serve this bread is warm with butter on top! Read more....

swedish red lips


Sugar-Free Cupcakes

swirl cupcakes

Turkey Cookies

turkey cookies

     This whimsical cookies are a delightful addition to any Thanksgiving table!  To see how its done, click here.

Valentines Cake Mix Cookies

valentines cookies

      These lovely cookies are actually made from a white cake mix and pre-made chocolate cake frosting! My Mom reminded me of this recipe today and we thought it was just perfect to share with all of you for the month of February. My sister came up with the ingenious idea of making red sugar heart decorations on the top of each cookie. Thank you so much to my Mom and sister for all of their help and ideas that went into making this recipe what it became.... read more.

Washington Apple Cake

washington apple cake

     My Mom has been making this cake for 28 years - it's one of our family's very favorite cake recipes.  Mom told me she received this recipe from a Pastor's wife who brought Washington Apple Cake to a gathering at Mom and Dad's house.  Mom says it was 'stunning' and it truly is!  If you love apples, this recipe is sure to become a family favorite in your household as more.

    By, Jessi Wasell