Sugar Free Cupcakes

swirl cupcakes 

Swirl Cupakes with Sprinkles...


    This month's recipe is for sugar-free swirl cupcakes with sprinkles with flavors inspired by the traditional French dessert pastry called Eclairs.  Eclairs are a vanilla cream filled pastry with chocolate icing.  In this recipe, we'll be making yellow cake with vanilla and chocolate frosting.  To make them even more authentic, you take this recipe a step further than we did and fill your cupcakes with instant vanilla pudding if desired.  My sister and I made these cupcakes for our Grandpa for his birthday.  Many thank you's go to my sister for decorating these cupcakes so beautifully while I photographed the process!

    For this recipe we used sugar-free cake mix and frosting.  If you or a family member is unable to have sugary desserts - this is a great way to have a sweet treat.  You can usually a few different flavors of sugar-free cake mixes, frosting and prepared sugar-free vanilla pudding on the baking aisle in the grocery store near the regular items.  If sugar-free mixes are unavailable at the store you frequent, you can find them online.

Let's bake!


1 boxed yellow cake mix

eggs (according to package directions)

water (according to package directions)

vegetable oil (according to package directions)

1 tub chocolate frosting

1 tub vanilla frosting

vanilla pudding (optional - prepared according to package directions)



    1. Bake your cupcakes according to package directions.  When they have baked, leave them on a cooling rack to cool until they are room temperature. 

    2. If you decide to fill your cupcakes with pudding, do so before your frost them, but be sure to let them completely cool first.  Cut a small circle out of the middle of the cupcake using a dinner knife or scoop out a small amount of cake with a spoon.  Fill a lunch baggie with vanilla pudding. Push the pudding to one corner of the bag and snip off that corner with a scissor.  Use the bag as a piping bag to fill the center of the cupcakes up with pudding. 

     2. Next, its time to prepare your frosting.  In two separate baggies, fill one baggie with chocolate frosting and the other with vanilla frosting.  Push the frosting into one corner of the baggie and snip off the corner with a pair of scissors just as you did with the pudding.

    3. Using the baggie as a piping bag, pipe a chocolate ring around the edge of your cupcake. 

chocolate frosting cupcake

Piping the first ring of frosting...

     Next, add a ring of vanilla frosting inside the first. 

frosting cupcakes

Adding a ring of vanilla....

    Repeat this process - piping a ring of each flavor alternately until you have covered the whole cupcake top with frosting.  Sprinkle with multicolored sprinkles if desired.


Adding sprinkles as a finishing touch!

    Enjoy with your family and friends!  And don't forget a big glass of milk.... :)

    By, Jessi Wasell